XBMC Feature Freeze: 9.04 Babylon 版倒數中…

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XBMC hits feature freeze for 9.04

By jmarshall, posted March 26, 2009 2:54 am

Over the weekend, the VDPAU branch was merged into the main trunk, signalling the time for another feature freeze to give devs and users a chance to focus on fixing bugs ready for the next major stable release, 9.04.

As predicted by many, the codename for this next release is Babylon.  New in 9.04 is the VDPAU code (hardware decoding of h264 and VC1 on recent nvidia GPUs on Linux) worked on by motd2k, and the path cleanup work (XBMC will no longer steal all those drive letters on Windows), in addition to all the usual improvements that you’ve come accustomed to expecting.

We’ll need help to get things nice and stable for release.  This means taking time to test things thoroughly, helping developers reproduce problems, identifying any holes in the current documentation and so on.

Let the bug-bashing begin!


  • XBMC進入功能凍結期,全力除蟲,為下一穩定版本9.04做準備。
  • 下一版預定的代碼名稱為「巴比倫」(Babylon)。
  • 其他的我也看不太懂,畢竟已經沒有持續更新了。等正式版出來再用看看了。

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